Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
Developers: PurpleSnow
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Cloner is an interesting android game where you will control a round hero who is able to multiply. At first you will control one hero, but after reaching a certain point on the screen, you will be able to clone your hero. Manage all clones at the same time and bypass all obstacles and obstacles in your path, trying to get to the coveted point, while collecting all the clones. You will have numerous traps, bridges, precipices, bricks, buttons, doors, catapults and teleports on your way. In total, the game presents four sets of levels, each of which has its own functions:

  • Sulfur levels – created for training
  • Blue – check your logic and intelligence
  • Purple – can control the cloning of the hero
  • Brown – the most complex in the game
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