Clash of Zombie : Dead Fight

Clash of Zombie : Dead Fight

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Action
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Clash of Zombie: Dead Fight – a third-person shooter with a top view of the android, with a fascinating story. In this game you find yourself in the world after the zombie apocalypse, where your main task will be to survive in extreme conditions. In this game you will be running a brave hero who made his way to the evacuation base filled with numerous zombies. Take the arms in hand and move as quickly as possible across the premises of the base, destroying crowds of zombies. Try to shoot the enemies’ heads without giving them a chance to win and unravel the secrets of the virus. The game will please players with a vast arsenal of weapons and ammunition such as: grenades, mines, bombs, as well as armor and first-aid kits. Enter the epic battle and stay as long as possible in this dynamic game.

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