Call Of Modern Warfare Secret Agent FPS

Call Of Modern Warfare Secret Agent FPS

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: Racing3D
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Call Of Modern Warfare is a hot FPS game, The game has a lot of gun models and real 3D scenes, so you feel the most intense battle scenes!

In the exciting first person shooter game, you will face the brutal terrorists. In order to protect the safety of the city, you must step forward and eliminate the terrorists who threaten civilians. Here, you can have an unprecedented shooting experience! You have to fight a mighty enemy and accomplish your mission. the is not just a game, it's a war! Fortunately, you have a huge range of weapon systems and combat gear here, and you can arm yourself and destroy enemies. You need to survive on the battlefield long enough to become a legendary hero on the battlefield.

Remember your mission, you need to destroy all evil terrorists. In order to better combat terrorism, your country has provided you with many advanced weapons. Accurately target and eliminate all terrorism that endangers the safety of its people.

AK47, M16, MP7, MP5, M4, M1187,M1911,ACR, G36C, RSASS

Call Of Modern Warfare Secret Agent FPS Features:
– Complex scenes and buildings
– Best FPS game
– Realistic 3D graphics
– Exciting fighting environment
– Various different challenging missions
– Smart AI makes the game more fun
– A large number of high-quality powerful weapons
– stunning music and sound effects

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