Bomb Hunters

Bomb Hunters

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Arcade
Developers: Craneballs
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Bomb Hunters (Unreleased) is an excellent arcade game in which you play the role of a sapper working on the battlefield. So first you need to pick up a character, a set of tools, and then go to the war zone. Picking up the charge, which is very difficult to do, in addition to the intricate locations, you will be threatened by enemy soldiers, transport, and even snipers, you need to neutralize the bomb and although the process of deactivation is performed in an arcade style, you can not avoid mistakes and then you can See what happens to hapless sappers, so be careful and considerate.
Besides the gameplay, the developers were not too lazy and implemented pretty impressive content, with a rich set of maps, features and other things.

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