Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Arcade
Developers: MiniCard
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BMX Boy – the continuation of the famous game Skater Boy finally came out and android – this is a great game in which you have to go through 3 maps of the wilderness – the desert, the wheat field and the Antarctic! In total, the game has 75 mind-blowing levels, in which you have to perform a number of difficult tricks:

  • Nose manual bmx – front wheel drive
  • Tuck nohand – no hands
  • Toothpick grind bmx – tuspic grind
  • Luc-e grind – varnish grind

But if you think that by doing the most difficult tricks you will be limited – you oh how wrong. The number of unexpected obstacles on the way to supertryukachu is just off scale! Imagine, you are rushing from the hill, getting ready to make another turn, and you have just on your way a burenka, peacefully crossing the road! So the reaction and skillful possession of the bike will not hurt!

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