Awesome Space Shooter

Awesome Space Shooter

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Action
Developers: Guinea Pixel
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Awesome Space Shooter is a classic scrolling shooter with a vertical scrolling, according to the plot of which in the distant future, namely in 2155 on Earth there will be a global catastrophe that caused warming, and then a series of destructive flashes on the Sun, which led to complete destruction surface of the planet. As a consequence, by 2416, mankind colonized remote planets rich in minerals, but the earthlings broke up into several alliances that over time began to quarrel with each other because of resources and the war soon broke out. You also have the role of the commander of a special task force commanding combat shuttles. In other respects, the Awesome Space Shooter is a familiar space shooter with thousands of shots and a sea of ​​fire.

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