Avion Flight Simulator 2016

Avion Flight Simulator 2016

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Developers: TeaPOT Games

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Avion Flight Simulator 2016 – simulator for android, to manage various aircraft. In this game, you sit at the helm of a small single-engine aircraft, and will perform complex routes, following from one airport to another. Become an ace of your business, passing dangerous missions in the airspace, proposed in the game and make landing in different weather conditions. Fly over cities, over picturesque places and watch the readings of instruments and sensors, and also listen to the instructions of the dispatchers. Discover for yourself a variety of aircraft, which in the game 12 from simple maize and ending with huge passenger liners. In this game you are waiting for more than 60 diverse missions, 4 cities and 9 airports.

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