An Elite Warrior Ex

An Elite Warrior Ex

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Arcade
Developers: indifunLab
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An Elite Warrior Ex is a rather unusual approach to the genre of adventure platformers. To begin with still stands with the plot, the events of the game unfold in a fairy kingdom, a kingdom that was attacked by a treacherous dragon. Reptilia destroyed virtually the entire population of the world, in turn, in order to justify the sending of troops to catch the lizard, the king decides to take a bold step by sending his own daughter to the dragon’s clutches. However, the army could not be assembled, and only one brave warrior, that is, you, go to perform such an important task.
Game mechanics combines elements of a classic platformer, diluted with many mini-games. As you pass, you will meet various puzzles and tasks presented in the form of small deviations from the main gameplay line.

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