Alphabet Smash

Alphabet Smash

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
Views: 35
Category : Daydream
Developers: Rainbow Cat Games
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Alphabet Smash! A cool alphabet game that my daughter and I made together.

– Interactive, children can touch the letters and then the spawned objects to watch videos, listen to narration.
– Educational, teaches children hand eye coordination and they will learn to match objects to their corresponding letters.
– No ads or in app purchases, there will be no advertisements or pop-ups and no links to outside sites.

Story mode – Click or swipe all the objects for each letter and a narration, along with a video, will play for that letter!

Match mode – Match the object to the letter!

Smash mode – Spawn up to 100 objects on screen at a time, click and swipe to remove and spawn more!

Future enhancements:
– Plan to release additional alphabet packs with different objects and videos!

Comments, concerns, questions, or requests. Please comment on the store or email me at [email protected]

All voice overs and music was recorded and created by me.

All images, sound effects, and videos are free for commercial use assets from the below listed sources.

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