8 Bit Conservatory – A Music Learning Game

8 Bit Conservatory – A Music Learning Game

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
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Enter a musical village designed to teach you some of the most important musical concepts. Games are a mix of old school, retro style play and touchscreen play.

Gameplay will strengthen your musical knowledge and musical ear. Game includes 12 levels of interactive learning and gameplay.

Musical concepts covered:

Melody – Definition and interactive examples,
Scales – Audio recognition and spelling of major and minor scales,
Chords – Audio recognition of major, minor and dominant 7th. Spelling of major, minor, diminished, augmented and dominant 7,
Intervals – Audio recognition of consonant and dissonant intervals. Spelling of diatonic intervals,
Reading notes on the treble and bass clefs, diminished 5th resolution,
Finding notes on a piano,
Key Signatures – recognition of sharp and flat keys with tips for easier recognition,
Note and Rest Rhythmic Values – whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes,
Chord Progressions – Audio examples and roman numeral labeling,
Chord Resolution – dominant 7 and diminished 7 audio examples,

Ear Training – Major scale solfege,
Ear Training – Consonant vs Dissonant,
Ear Training – Major vs Minor,
Ear Training – Chords – Major, Minor, Dominant 7, Diminished 7,
Ear Training – Chord/Scale Relationship,
Ear Training – Diminished 5th resolution,

No Ads or In-app purchases,

Play demo here: http://www.triadtuning.com/Demo

Game Level Index:
Level #1 – Pitch, Scales, and Intervals, Level #2 – Reading notes on the staff, Level #3 – Finding notes on the piano keyboard, Level #4 – Learn the Key Signatures, Level #5 – Key Signature Recognition Game, Level #6 – Chord Audio Recognition, Level #7 – Note and Rest Rhythmic Value Game, Level #8 – Chord/Scale Relationship Game, Level #9 – Interval, Scale and Chord Spelling Learn and Testing Game, Level #10 – Chord Progression Introduction and interactive audio examples.

Developers Note: My goal with this game is to introduce fundamental music concepts that tend to get ignored because they aren’t as “fun” as just playing your instrument. I also want to make music theory more approachable and show that it’s just a tool to enhance music, not to label things as right or wrong. No app can be fully comprehensive on the subject and I encourage the user to seek as many sources of musical information as possible.

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